(A chronology of selected dates so far)

December 1993
While on tour (again, like many times before and later on) following the Ramones, they filled out the questionnaires for our fanzine, and declared us as their german official fanclub and the fanzine as the official one for their next year's 20
th anniversary. We became the allowness, to name every tribute to them as authorized by them.
As Johnny Ramone said, „If someone's gotta do it, it should be you guys!“

April 1994
Interviewdate with Dee Dee Ramone (on his first apperance in Europe after his departure from Ramones in 1989),

where he filled out his questionnaire for the fanzine.

September 1994
On our first tributenight to Ramones (sold out with around 900 in the crowd) the fanzine were released.

All 1500 copies of its printed version were sold out soon, and we never made a second edition.

November 1994
First non-Ramones-related show presented by Loudmouth! (999 from London in a sold-out vernue of 450).

June 1995
Loudmouth! presented Dee Dee Ramone live.

As it was quite spontaneous (planned on wednesday, happened on the following sunday), only 40 people had the privilege to be there.

November 1995
First european tour presented by Loudmouth! (The Lurkers from London with 22 shows in 5 countries).

November 1996
The 2-days-„Gabba Gabba Goddbye“-tribute and farewell to Ramones.

May 1999
A 2-day-celebration of the Ramones'25th anniversary and release of the fanclub's CD-sampler.

November 2004
The 30 years of Ramones and 10 years of Loudmouth!-Event (2 days).

September 2012

Beat On Cancer 1.

September 2017
Beat On Cancer 2.

March 2019
Loudmouth!-Team changed his name to Loud!Mouse, also for eventual further events.

All in all yet:
6 official Ramones-tributes, 2 of as „Beat On Cancer
The Fanzine; the Sampler
Among other shows by Loudmouth!:
27 w/The Lurkers, 13 w/999