Loudmouth!-The authorized tribute to Ramones (CD only)
Total time: 59'51
Released by the german official Ramones-fanclub
Publication date: May 7, 1999
Limited edition of 1500 (Sold out; no re-release)

The record contains 28 tracks plus 2 then unreleased Ramones-bonustracks that are all around the world now, after we first released it.
It were first presented at our third tributenight to Ramones in 1999. It is an by the band authorized fanclub-sampler, with livetracks recorded at our tributes before (1994 and 1996) plus some (even exclusive) studiorecordings by bands who were involved in this two or in the 1999-tribute.
Original copies are markable by the “little Loudmouth” and the original “Gema”-logo on the CD.

If you like to get a self-made CD (the price depends on the p and p to your country), get in touch.
We even can send the file via "wetransfer", but the company cuts the end of all songs for a moment (and we have no idea, why).

1. Intro (The Nutley Brass Band)

2. The Eaglebauers: Loudmouth (Live 1996)

3. The Lurkers: Outsider (Live 1994)

4. The Lurkers: Swallow My Pride (Live 1994)

5. The Sentiments: Goodbye Ramona (Studio)

6. The Boonaraaas: Oh Oh I Love Him So (Studio)

8. Campus Tramps: Pah Pah Oom Mow Mow (Live 1994)

9. Campus Tramps: Raise Hell With Riff Randell (Live 1994)

10. Guitar Gangsters: Strength To Endure (Live 1996)

11. Guitar Gangsters: Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (Live 1996)

12. Möped Lads: Commando (Studio)

13. The Colvins: My Baby's Gonna Die Tonite (Studio)

15. The Eaglebauers: 53rd and 3rd (Live 1996)

16. The Eaglebauers: S.L.U.G. (Live 1996)

17. OokDatNog: Rock'N Roll Highschool (Studio)

18. Schliessmuskel: Psycho Therapy (Live 1994)

19. The Lurkers: We're A Happy Family (Live 1994)

20. Muddy Bongwater: Blitzkrieg Voodoo Bop (Studio)

21. The Boonaraaas: I Can't Give You Anything (Live 1996)

22. The Boonaraaas: Today Your Love... (Live 1996)

23. The Rähjempi: The Job That Ate My Brain (Live 1996)

24. Horror Hotel: The KKK... (Live 1996)

25. The Colvins: Merry Christmas (...) (Live 1996)

26. ZZZ Hacker: Sheena Is A Punkrocker (Live 1994)

27. The Eaglebauers: Carbona Not Glue (Live 1996)

28. The Branes: 7-11 (Live 1994)

Ramones: Perfect Day (Demo 1993)*

Ramones: Tomorrow Never Comes (Demo 1995)*

* Please note:
The bonustracks, demos to the Ramones-songs „Perfect Day“ and „Tomorrow Never Comes“ (first from a recording session in 1993, second from the “Adios Amigos”-sessions) were released on our sampler for the first time ever then and exclusively. The songs weren’t on any official release or any bootleg before our sampler came out. How we got this demos and by whom, will be a secret forever- promised is promised.
After our release the songs gone around the world (especially by the internet), exactly as we thought it would happen, but the original source are we and our sampler (you can hear it, because there are “special” endings on both songs, which are not on the original tape).
It would be fair if everyone would say that, when releasing the songs whereever.