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Right in time with our plans for the fanzine, so in the autumn of 1993, we came up with the idea for a (as it sounded then) “little” tributenight, to honor the Ramones for their 20th Anniversary in the following year. Originally it should have been in the Club “Dschungel” in the famous Altstadt (Old Town) of Düsseldorf, with a capacity of 150 people. We thought of maximum three bands- one to cover the “It’s Alive”-Album and the others to play later songs of the Ramones. There would have been not much promotion, as most guests were to be personally invited and then paying a little money to bring together the costs of the night. But everything came different then...

On the Ramones’ european tour in December 1993 we (the little circle of germans as a
fanclub, who followed the band since a couple of years) and also the fanzine were officialized by the band, and our ideas became public. Many people showed their interest in such a thing, as guests as also as performing bands. In accordance to nowadays those events were not much around, nearly unknown, maybe because the Ramones were still on the road. It became clear to us, that the “Dschungel” would be too small for such a thing. And- unbelievable today- we also couldn’t find a pure coverband, it just wasn’t “in” to run one, so to say.

Soon after we got the chance to get London’s punklegend “The Lurkers” to headline the show- we got them and we decided to go on full risk and booked the 900-people-venue “Zakk” in Düsseldorf for the event. It happened, and it was sold out then- people from far and from near made a big party out of it.

But, at least, there weren’t as much Ramones-songs to hear on our event, as we thought, it should, and as it was planned. Even “The Lurkers” played a furious and historical gig (like half Ramones-songs, half their own hits), most of the other bands just played one or two Ramones-covers and beside of this a regular show. And also there were some technical problems, and so we couldn’t present (also exclusive) videos on a screen- the staff from the big venue wasn't behind the thing like they should have.

Friday, 9 September 1994
Düsseldorf, "Zakk"
Sold out, around 900

The final Line-Up: 
The Lurkers (London/England)
Sloppy Seconds (Canada); not announced/surprise guests
Campus Tramps (Newcastle/England); not announced, 2 shows of 15 min.each
Schliessmuskel (Hamminkeln/D)
Mädels No Mädels (Stuttgart/D)
La Cry (Hamburg/D)
ZZZ Hacker (Bielefeld/D)
The Braggarts (Duisburg/D)
Spermkilling Substance (Duisburg/D)
The Branes (Düsseldorf/D)

The Rubbermaids from Hamburg (see first flyer of the event) had to cancel their appearance a couple of weeks before the event, as their manager (a close friend) died. A little later the band splitted up.