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Offered as the latest one (all good things come in three) we did not hold this words later on. Well, the world wanted more, and we don’t feel like this was a crime.

Ramones’ 25th Anniversary (when they all were still around as individuals) was reason enough for another tribute, and as we had a written one as a special in 1994, this time we made a sounding one. Putting on it the best recordings from the tributes before, and some from the “new” bands in 1999. Some exclusive, too. That’s it. Mostly sounds like a (good) bootleg, but it’s from the fans, so like it or hate it- as always: we don’t care.

Friday and Saturday, 07 & 08 May 1999
Düsseldorf, „AK 47“
Both shows sold out, around 200 people each night

The final line up:

The Boonaraaas (Düsseldorf/D)
The Sentiments (Osnabrück/D)

Ludovico Kids (Bremen/D)
The Colvins (Duisburg/D)

A.K.Demica (Düsseldorf/D)

Möped Lads (Switzerland)
La Cry (Hamburg/D)
ZZZ Hacker (Bielefeld/D)
Los Camarones (Düsseldorf/D)
Muddy Bongwater (Düsseldorf/D)